Saturday, August 18, 2012 time flies

                                               Happy birthday Katie!!!

Yes, its true...I now have a 2 year old on my hands!! Where in the world did the time go?? These past 2 years have flown by. But its kind of strange because katie seems so much older than 2... she is very independent and stubborn (lol..kind of like someone I know...ME!) The way Katie and Carson interacts is so cute!! Carson is really sweet to her sometimes..always singing her favorite songs..i mean.. one liner songs!! lol..The barney - I love you you love me song and the wheels on the bus go round and round!! Katie seems to be adjusting to daycare adequately- she still cries a lot when I drop her off  - which just breaks my little heart! And i have to admit I am just a tad bit jealous of when Chad picks her up from school because she just calls out his name and runs to him- and jumps in his arms..and she will knock down anyone who gets in her way! Carson loves the new daycare, however he will be transitioning into prekindergarten on monday so we will see how that works out. I have noticed that since they started the daycare in July, Katie is trying to talk more and carson is by far a lot nicer and calmer..for a while there i was a little worried..he was always so angry and yelling - I that has stopped since we started the seay center. We went on vacation to was really great!! But the airplane ride there was my ultimate sign that I am done having kids...I thought Chad might hesitate, but he has already packed up all the kids stuff and given them to christine. Wow..what a small fortune that was!! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

another day closer to summer

boy does it feel like summer already!! Its in the low 90's and we are sweating bullets! I dont know how we are going to do it in July and August..I have a feeling that we will be at the pool a lot!!!
Boy, Carson only has a few more weeks of school at Seton's Ark. It seems like these past few months have flown by!! I just hope that I can keep Carson's little mind active during the summer time. I have poured through tons of sites for teaching toddlers their numbers, alphabets, fine motor skills, I hope that is enough to last during summer. Carson is very artistic -some of his art work amazes me!! He is getting so stubborn lately - always just wanting his daddy! thank goodness that Katie always wants to go to me!! That girl is my sweet little girl!! Stubborn like her daddy and attitude like her mommy!! :P She has been doing better with potty training - thank goodness..but we still got a ways to go but at least she has the concept down. She has just started to be interested in books (I was starting to get worried there for a bit)..she will bring me a book and want me to read it to her time after time. She is getting so big!! I cant believe she's a toddler- riding carson's little red tricycle all over the house- she's trying to ride the regular bike with training wheels..but it takes her too long and she will hop off and just run along side Carson! :P. My kiddos LOVE to dance and move to music...Katie cracks me up and Carson...I think he is getting his dancing talent from his daddy! lol
Katie is doing a lot better with dealing without her pacifier - but we still give it to her at night and when she is going crazy!! Carson is still sucking his thumb but is doing better leaving his little lamb at home - instead of EVERYWHERE he goes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

carson turns 4!!

Happy birthday carson!!!
Having a blast!!!

Carson got a bike for his birthday from mommy, daddy and katie!!!

wow...its been a busy busy year so far!! I cant believe its already april..and whats more important is that I cant believe carson is turning 4!! carson narrowed his choices of where he wanted to have his birthday party between chuck e cheese and going bonkers - and going bonkers won out! it did not disappoint! He had a lot of fun...of course I think its because pou pou and grandpa came for his birthday and his nin nin and papa d were there to join in the celebration as well! Katie had a blast at the party would have thought it was her birthday! She was going up and down the play structures...she has no fear! Carson is getting so talkative..and such a helpful little kiddo. But boy does he have an attitude sometimes! ...on days that Im lucky he will tell me, " mommy Im going to be good today."..thank goodness for those days! lol. Katie isnt talking much yet...she says only a few words. We are going to the ENT tomorrow. Katie is getting so tall..she can reach the doorknobs and open the doors. Its pretty cute..she has to tip toe!

katie and carson posing!!

Katie had a boo boo on her finger and didnt want to touch anything!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

wow...this year has just begun and today has felt like the longest day ever. The kids have SO much energy it is unreal! Katie is everywhere and into everything and Carson is into the whole crying bit - which gets old really quickly. We were all at home depot today and We stuck her in the big portion of the buggy and Katie literally fell out of the cart because she was trying to get to everything. Thankfully, I was holding onto her coat and caught her so she didnt hit the floor. Boy did that scare me, and taught me a lesson to NEVER put her in the big part of the cart. I look at Katie and am so amazed with how much she has grown this past year. I think I look at her like she's older because she acts a lot older than 16 months. Boy does she have a lot of attitude!!
We went to shreveport for christmas this year... Carson and Katie had a blast! Carson is old enough to be really happy when he opens presents. His first present he opened just happened to be dress up costumes like police, chef and a knight and he was SO excited..he kept saying, I got costumes..I got costumes!!
family portrait for christmas 2011

cousins club!!
ANd he thinks that Santa claus only comes to visit him at pou pou's house. He had so much playing with pou pou and papa and all his little cousins!! There are so many kids to play with. The kids got SOOO many toys it was crazy. IT filled up half of the van. They loved it.
4 am and Carson was still kicking it!!
We are redoing the kitchen so have been without a sink, stove or microwave for the past week. Man has it been challenging!! We went to the heard museum yesterday to see the dinosaurs and it was such a beautiful day, who would have thought that it would be in the 70's! Carson loved watching the dinosaurs and Katie was really intrigued with the leaves and rocks. It reminded me of hansel and gretel..she was collecting everything so she could leave a trail!!
Roar!!! riding the dinosaurs at heard museum
Well..its the new year...I am going to get rid of all the candy in the house- and go cold turkey with the kids. they need to eat healthier, and its so easy to eat all the sweets!! we will see how that goes. Well, katie has been waking up at 430 every morning for the past month and half...chad keeps giving her milk and thus the cycle begins. Going to try to give her the pacifier and try to go self soothe back to sleep.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Carson's favorite time of the year!!!

State Fair!!
Well...fall has arrived!! We have gone to pumpkin patches, to the state fair..yummy, and tonight we went trick or treating!
Such a happy camper!

This was Katie's first halloween where she could actually go up with the bigger kids! And I have to say that I think this will end up being Katie's favorite holiday as well. The kids had a blast..we have dressed up so many times..carson has been a fire fighter, a ninja and a cowboy riding a pony. and katie has been alice in wonderland, a lion and dora the explorer!! Carson had a great time at his school halloween party too...he was "running with the bulls".
me amore!!
Katie has been getting into everything..and getting very vocal. She wants EVERYTHING that Carson has. She still has a hearty appetite..I sure hope she doesnt get much heavier back is killing me! We had a halloween dress up family dinner was a lot of fun. Chad was popeye and I was olive oyl.
Katie understands everything that I say..I am just wondering when she is going to start talking. Oh..we bought a mini van this past is really roomy. I cant wait to see how it is on road trips! ANd we decided to remodel the kitchen..gosh, it is soo tiring to do all the planning. But I am so excited to finally get a nice kitchen!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

katie's first real haircut

Neat little car!!
Ok...yes...I have attempted to cut katie's bangs..and was VERY unsuccessful. So, I decided to take her to a professional. Christine was able to come with katie for support. When we first walked into the was so neat..they had special "car" seats for the kiddos. and you could pick out a dvd if you wanted to. So, I picked out Dora the Explorer for katie..and off to the cars she went.

Getting her hair done!
She was a little uncertain at first...and then as the stylist started to spray her hair with water...she was sure she didnt like what was going on. Whoa...Katie has some powerful vocal cords!!

Lol..I was looking at some of the pictures when she was getting her haircut and I looked at the stylist face as katie was crying..and it was just hilarious.
Well..we have been battling a horrible stomach bug for the past week.
Katie getting over the bug!!

Ugh...I dont even want to think about it anymore. At first Katie got it, then I got it, then Titi got it, then Chad, now Diana. Luckily, Carson hasnt gotten it yet. Hopefully it stays that way.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

katie turns 1

Birthday in Hawaii!!!
Ok ok ok...i know, its almost 2 months after Katie's first birthday- but it has been a busy last few months!!! At least I am blogging it..better late than never..right??!
Well, we celebrated Katie's 1 year birthday in Hawaii..she and Phillip had a birthday party together ...the theme was a girls in pearls party and a guy in ties party! It was a lot of fun! Then we had a princess in pearls party in plano.
The Princess!
With her crown and crest

The princess and her followers!

Katie didnt want to dig into her birthday cake, her aunt stephanie had to get her hand and dig it in the cake.
On her actual birthday, aunt christine and uncle eric made us breakfast..and Katie had a birthday stack of pancakes. It was DELICIOUS!!
Living it up with uncle Eric!

She really enjoyed the company of all the family that shared in her big celebration. I cant believe that she's already 14 months time flies. She is getting so vocal..she KNOWS what she wants...and usually she wants it NOW. She loves to dance..everytime music comes on..she's shaking her body. its soo cute. She loves playing outside...she really has no interest in the tv- which I like.